Cam Xe (Pyinkado) Lumber

Cam Xe (Pyinkado) grows mainly in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. In Vietnam, Pyinkado is mostly cultivated in Central and Southern Vietnam. It is ranked in group 2 in Vietnam Wood Classification List.

Cam Xe (Pyinkado) Lumber

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Scientific name of Pyinkado: Xylia xylocarpa (Roxb) Taub. Xylia dolabriformis Benth.


 It is ranked in group II in Vietnam Wood Classification List. Kiln dried Cam Xe (Pyinkado) lumber has a dark red color and even grains. The wood is very hard, heavy, durable, resistant to insects, decay, and harsh weather.


Cam Xe has large, round and straight trunk, up to 1.2m in diameter and over 30m in height, with yellowish brown or reddish grey bark. Small trees are usually crooked. Leaves are 2-pinnate, with 1 pair of pinnae. Flowers are small, bisexual, grouped in a raceme and have a spherical head. Corolla is yellow. Pod is flattened, thick and woody, dehiscing when ripe. The root system grows when the tree is still small.

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