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The provider of kiln dried lumber imported from America, Germany, New Zealand and Chile such as White Oak lumber, Red Oak lumber, Ash, Beech, Walnut, Alder, Cherry, Pine and Poplar lumber, etc.

  • Oak Lumber

    Oak Lumber

    Kiln dried Oak lumber is imported from America in many dimensions: 3/4"; 4/4"; 5/4"; 6/4"; 8/4". Furniture made of White Oak and Red Oak are always in harmony with natural light, which brings a cozy and modern atmosphere.

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  • Ash Lumber

    Ash Lumber

    Kiln dried Ash lumber is imported from America in various dimensions: 3/4; 4/4; 5/4; 6/4; 8/4, and different grades: 1C, 2C. The wood has straight grains, a coarse texture and a light-colored sapwood. Ash lumber is usually used for flooring, doors, interior projects, carving, interior trim, kitchen cabinets, etc.

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  • Pine Lumber

    Pine Lumber

    Even though it is not as hard as other woods, Pine wood is commonly used in manufaturing exported furniture, and it makes up to 30% of woods in use. Pine wood is used most in manufaturing various kinds of bed exported to many markets, such as: American, European, Japanese market, etc.

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  • Beech Lumber

    Beech Lumber

    Beech is the most common tree in Europe. Beech tree makes up approximately 80% of the forest area in Europe. For this reason, European furniture is mainly made of beech wood. Kiln dried beech lumber is imported from Europe in various dimensions: 26 mm; 32 mm; 38 mm; 52 mm ...

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  • Walnut Lumber

    Walnut Lumber

    Walnut wood is famous for its natural color - dark chestnut color - with luxurious grain pattern. Walnut wood is one of the woods used for panelling the interior of Phantom cars, it brings a classic look and a special style for users. If Walnut wood is kiln dried in appropriate process, its color and durability will be raised a lot.

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  • Mahogany Lumber

    Mahogany Lumber

    Mahogany is an evergreen native to tropical regions in Latin America. The tree distributes from the north of Veracruz to Yucatan state in Mexico, and along Central America to Venezuela and Brazil. Nowadays, Mahogany is grown widely in tropical regions to provide commercial quality wood for markets.

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  • Cherry Lumber

    Cherry Lumber

    Kiln dried Cherry lumber is imported from America in many dimensions. Cherry wood has straight, even beautiful grains, and a good lustre. Brown spots on the surface of the wood are very suitable for bedroom furniture.

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  • Hard Maple Lumber

    Hard Maple Lumber

    Hard Maple wood is stiff and heavy, with a good compressive strength, high frictional and abrasion resistance. Hard Maple lumber is used for flooring, furniture, panelling, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops and tabletops, carving, stairs, banisters, doors, etc.

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  • Poplar Lumber

    Poplar Lumber

    Poplar or Cottonwood is comparatively light in weight, but can provide long and wide timbers. Furniture made of Poplar and painted with Walnut color is very popular in American and Japanese market.

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  • Teak Lumber

    Teak Lumber

    Teak grows in India, Myanmar, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. In Vietnam, Teak grows in many provinces. The wood of Teak varies from red, dark brown to honey color. Compared to other quality woods such as: Padouk wood and Nunchaku wood, Teak wood has a more beautiful grain pattern and durability. For this reason, Teak wood is not only used in ship construction but also used widely in making furniture for high-grade airlines and car companies.

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  • Alder Lumber

    Alder Lumber

    Alder lumber is a hardwood but quite soft. The wood has an average density, torsional strength, shock resistance and a low hardness. Alder wood is usually used for furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, interior trim, turnery, carving and kitchen utensils.

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  • Sapele Lumber

    Sapele Lumber

    Sapele tree has large trunk and is one of the valuable trees. In natural conditions, Sapele tree can grow up to 30m in height and 85cm in diameter. The wood surface is light red in color. Sapele is quick growing tree, and can be harvested after 6 years. Joinery made of Sapele is popular on the market and has the equivalent price as Padouk, Pomu, Talauma joinery, etc.

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  • Construction Lumber

    Construction Lumber

    Construction Lumber

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  • African Lumber

    African Lumber

    African lumber includes Doussie lumber, Tai lumber and other lumber imported from Africa in large quantity, with best price. If you are interested in African lumber, please contact us.

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  • Pyinkado Lumber/ Cam Xe Lumber

    Pyinkado Lumber/ Cam Xe Lumber

    Although used much in Vietnam, there are not many people know about Pyinkado's characteristics as well as how to distinguish it from others. Cam Xe grows mainly in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. In Vietnam, Cam Xe is ditributed mainly from Central Vietnam towards Southern Vietnam. It is ranked in group 2 in Vietnam Wood Classification List. Pyinkado is a valuable wood as Tali wood.

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