Imported Kiln Dried Alder Lumber

Alder tree grows in the West Coast of America, mainly in the North West of Pacific Ocean, where Alder is the most common wood. When freshly cut, Alder has a nearly white color, but has a tinge of yellow or red when exposured to the air. Only old growth Alder has the heartwood. There are no clear distinction between the heartwood and sapwood. Alder wood also has relatively straight grains and an even surface.

Imported Kiln Dried Alder Lumber

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Alder wood machines, nails, screws and glues well, can take paint and stain to become good products. Alder is also an ideal wood for turning and sanding. The wood dries easily, durable and has a good dimensional stability after drying.


 Alder wood is relatively soft, has an average density, low tortional strength, shock resistance and hardness.


Alder heartwood is not resistant to decay. The wood is easily attacked by normal termites and takes preservative easily.


Alder wood is used for kitchen cabinets, doors, interior trims, turnery, carving, kitchen utensils.


Kiln dried Alder lumber has the moisture content of 8 - 12°C.


Kiln dried Alder lumber imported in intact packing has various dimensions:

+ 4/4"

+ 5/4"

+ 6/4"

+ 8/4"

- Dimensions of kiln dried Alder lumber:

+ Thickness: 8/4 = 50.8mm

+ Width: from 70mm to 300mm

+ Length: from 4 feet (1.2m) to 16 feet (4.8m)


- Packaging of kiln dried Alder lumber:

+ Short bundle: 4 → 6 feet

+ Long bundle: 10 → 16feet


- Grades: 1Com; 2Com; 3Com 

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