Hard Maple Lumber

Hard Maple is imported from America. Hard Maple can be used for flooring, joinery, panelling, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, table tops, stairs, banisters, doors, etc.

Hard Maple Lumber

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Hard Maple wood has a cream white sapwood with a tinge of light reddish brown. The heartwood color varies from light red to dark red. The darkness of the wood depends on the growing zones. There are spots in both sapwood and heartwood. Cherry wood has a beautiful and tight surface, straight grains but sometimes may be curly, wavy and there may appear unsound knots on the surface.


Hard Maple dries slowly and has a large shrinkage when kiln dried, therefore, the wood is susceptible to distortion. Predrilling should be taken before nailing and screwing. Hard Maple machines, turns and glues quite well. The wood can be sanded and stained to become good products.


The heartwood of Hard Maple is non-durable or susceptible to decay resistance. The sapwood is susceptible to the attack of normal termites and borers. The heartwood is resistant to preservative while the sapwood is not resistant.

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