Doussie Lumber

Doussie wood is imported from Africa in logs, square timbers, boards with standard dimensions. If you are interested in African Doussie lumber, please contact us for the best price.

Doussie Lumber

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Doussie wood has the following characteristics:


The tree has large trunk, fuzzy bark with greyish white color, low branches, paripinnate leaves with elliptic or ovate glabrous leaflets. Flowers are white to yellowish with one single red striped petal, set in terminal panicles to 20 cm long, hypanthium 1.5–4.5 cm long. Fruit is a flat pod, slightly rounded, dark brown to black, glabrous with a distinct beak at one end. Each pod contains several black seeds.



Doussie tree is slow-growing and phototrophic tree. Doussie grows in evergreen forest or semi deciduous forest, on flat land or water-draining slopes, and in deep soil horizon.

African Doussie Lumber.

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