Tali lumber for decoration and interior design

Tali wood is stiff, strong, heavy, resistant to termites, from brownish to dark brown in color and has a good compressive strength. Tali wood has beautiful interlocking grains. The wood turns black after a long period of time or when soaked in mud.

Tali lumber for decoration and interior design

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Tali wood is mostly used in building wooden houses, for example: making doors, pillars, purlins, truss, and other parts of wooden house built in ancient style. Tali wood is also the favorite wood for making beds, tables, chairs, plank bed, etc. Lim (Tali) wood does not split, crack, warp or distort when exposed to weather; therefore, it is the favorite wood for doors, flooring, joinery, etc.

Tali lumber in bundle.


There are many reasons that make Tali uncommon in modern interior decoration.


It is said that Tali wood has toxic substances causing allergy such as sneezing or itching, but these problems depend on many causes, not only the wood properties.

Imported Tali logs.

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