White Oak Lumber 3/4"

Kiln dried White Oak lumber 3/4" is imported from America. Furniture made of White Oak lumber is always in harmony with natural light, bringing a fresh, cozy and modern touch to your house.

White Oak Lumber 3/4

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White Oak lumber 3/4" = 19mm is suitable for making tabletops, flooring, etc.

Besides, White Oak lumber also has other dimensions such as: 4/4" (25.4mm);  5/4" (31.8mm);  6/4" (38.1mm);  8/4" (50.8mm)...

White Oak lumber is famous for its bright natural color and elegant grains. Furniture made of Oak lumber will bring a luxurious look to your house.

White Oak has a good water-resistance, beautiful and diversified grains. For this reason, White Oak lumber is suitable for manufacturing furniture with great grains and figures.

Either you buy several bundles or a whole container, we always have special prices and policies for you. If you are in need of American Oak lumber, please contact us via phone number: 0911 335 995.

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