White Oak Lumber 6/4"

White Oak wood is the natural wood imported from North America. White Oak lumber is the favorite wood for furniture. The wood can obtain a beautiful color just by using spray paint.

White Oak Lumber 6/4

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White Oak lumber 6/4" = 38.1 mm is suitable for both interior and exterior joinery, especially for making legs of bed and table, etc.

Besides, kiln dried White Oak lumber imported from America also has other dimensions, such as: 3/4" (19.1mm); 4/4" (25.4mm) ; 5/4" (31.8mm);  8/4" 50.8mm.

White Oak has many grades: FAS, 1Com, 2Com, 3Com (kiln dried white oak lumber is graded to the rules of NHLA - National Hardwood Lumber Association).

Kiln dried white oak lumber has the moisture content of 12 + - 2 % which is the standard MC for making exported furniture. If you are in need of white oak lumber, either several bundles or a whole container, and interested in white oak price, please contact us via phone number: 0911 335 995.

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